B&T Service Station Contractors

630 S. Frontage Rd. Nipomo, CA 93444
      Phone (805) 929-8944
Fax (805) 929-8948

An Equal Opportunity Employer


Sole Proprietors are required to furnish the following information(This information is sent to the state of California, Department of Child Support 916 657 0529)

This information is used to complete IRS Form 1099 and State of California report of independent contractors from DE542.
Require Insurance Certificates of Insurance for general liability and workers compensation.



The following safety gear must be worn at all times by all onsite personnel:
Hard Hat
Safety Vest
Safety Glasses
Appropriate footwear for heavy construction project

following guidelines are also mandatory:
No smoking on site
No sunflower seeds on site
No chewing tobacco onsite

The undersigned has the authorization from our company to implement all the mandatory guidelines outlined in this document. It is expected that all of our employees will adhere to these guidelines at all times when working on B&T Service Station Contractors job sites.

Section 12 Insurance
Subcontractor shall at its expense, procure and maintain insurance on all of its operations, with carriers acceptable to Contractor, and in amounts acceptable to Contract including the following:
a. Workers' Compensation and Employer's Liability Insurance.
b. Comprehensive general Liability or Commercial General liability insurance covering all operations.
c. Automobile Liability insurance, including coverage for all owned, hired and non-owned automobiles.
All insurance coverage shall be in amounts and for duration acceptable to Contractor. Subcontractor shall name Contractor as an additional insured under the General Liability policy. Subcontractor shall provide certificate of insurance to Contractor. The certificated of insurance shall provide that there will be neither cancellation nor reduction of coverage without thirty days prior notice to Contractor. The failure of Contract to enforce in a timely manner any of the provisions of this section shall not act as a waiver to enforcement of any of these provisions at a later date in the performance of this agreement.

Please download and attach W-9